Last night, I received word that the fur baby I had before Cheddar, before I moved to Australia, had to be put down due to aggressive mouth cancer. Toby was my kitty from October 2006 until May 2011. During that brief time, I came to love her, so very hard. I originally posted about her in another post, Survival of the cutest.

This brief post is in remembrance of a sweet soul who departed this earth far too soon. Whilst her daddies gave me the heads up of her imminent fate in December upon discovering the cancer, it doesn’t make the grieving any easier. I miss our early morning love sessions, the buggies you would kill and leave as gifts for me, how you would shred toilet paper rolls for fun if I left the bathroom door open, and mostly, how mellow and chill you were all the time. I’ll never forget about the time we experimented with a leash to take you on walks, and you ended up in a car engine. I had to get underneath the car to fish you out. You were a great big sister to Pippin, the little orange fluffball, whom you groomed as if she were your own. You were all love, and I will always love you, sweet one.

Hold your fur babies extra close and give them extra love today, for me.

RIP Toby 4/21/06 – 1/25/18

By idigres

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