I, like this blog, am a work in progress, forever incomplete. “Sometimes I rhyme slow; sometimes I rhyme quick.”

At the moment, I find myself with stories to tell, advice to impart, opinions to share, and thoughts to ponder.

I relocated to LA from Seattle in September 2017 after moving to Seattle from San Francisco in February 2016. Before San Francisco, I lived in Sydney, Australia from 2011-2014. My wants and desires are as fickle as the wind, so I do my best to go with them when they possess me. “Life is a smörgåsbord,” I learned as a young child from one of my favorite movies, Charlotte’s Web. You can only grasp what’s in front of you when you have a free hand and open mind, and you only have a second to make a decision before one dish is removed and replaced by something better (or if you’re not an optimist, something worse).

Initially, I didn’t want to identify myself on this page. I wanted the readers to get to know me through my posts. My vitals are inconsequential, hereby deemed immaterial for further review. If you must know vital stats, I’m a 36 years young lesbian CPA who’s already thinking about her third mimosa as the second one is coming.


Likes: Glitter, Mexican food, Candles, Yoga, Traveling, Fireworks, Pizza, Holding hands, Cologne, Cuddling, Smelly flowers, Clean laundry, Stocks, Going to the gym, Stars

Neutral: Police officers, Politics, Religion

Dislikes: Cigarette smoke, Onions, Seafood, Cash flow statements, Body odor, Paying taxes, Listening to voicemails, Clutter, People who walk on the wrong side of the sidewalk


Enter my thoughts at your own risk. You are welcome; and thank you.


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