All the poetry on this site was written by me. Please see my copyright. Please don’t plagiarize. Thanks and kind regards.

29 June 1999

You know what this song reminds me of?
It’s strong and wild and loud
It’s right and meaningful and loved.
Just like you.
It has its time in the sunshine
And that is when the music makes my ears ache
Because I’m not used to the force
With which it pounds against the walls
Not caring if the glass breaks
Because it’s having a good time
Expressing itself.
But when it reverberates in the shadows
The shout becomes a whisper,
The words are more hurt than hurtful
And the comfort offered by the dependability of its spine
Needs donations.
But the passion still flies, no matter the tune
Each note overflows with emotion
And I feel what the song does.

5 May 1998

Decisions to Make: I am a big fan of Emily Dickinson’s poems. She wrote in ballad meter, the same measure to which most Christian hymns were composed, so I composed this to the “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” (go ahead, try it, it works, for the most part.) Emily Dickinson’s poem “I measure every grief” was the inspiration for this one.

Suddenly the World’s Temptations
Stare me in the Face
The Humbleness of Destiny
Has put me in my Place

Although it’s easy to say Yes
It’s better to say No
My conscience wills me to remain
My Heart wants me to go

Like the Ones that lived Before
My Destiny is torn
Fame or Mediocrity
A shining Star is born

Like the palm tree swaying
In the stormy, winter Wind
The way I lean decides for me
If I will Break or Bend

Who’s to say that years from Now
My spirit will be Known
As engraving on the flatness
Of some unforgiving Stone

Did I cause the Storm to calm
Or blazing Sun to shine
I’ve reached the bridge and realized
The choice was never Mine.


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